How It works:

  1. Chicago Machinery Company inspects and photographs your equipment at your yard or job site.
  2. CMC submits to you in writing our evaluation of what we feel your equipment is worth. Upon your approval of the values established both parties sign a consignment agreement contract. The machine or machines would be moved to CMC’s yard in Lynwood. This greatly accelerates the sale process.
  3. CMC then posts the equipment on the Internet. CMC handles all marketing issues. All phone calls and appointments are set up through CMC. If the machine is sold for the amount agreed upon, you would be notified that it has been sold. The machine does not leave our yard until we have secured funds in our bank. A free and clear statement will then be required from your company. The sale price, less ten percent, would then be transferred to your company.

What are the advantages of using Chicago Machinery Company?

  1. Chicago Machinery Company has over 30 years of experience in marketing of equipment.
  2. CMC has worldwide contacts that buy from CMC site unseen because of past business experiences with us.
  3. CMC has both wholesale and retail contacts for marketing your equipment.
  4. CMC works very closely with current market conditions. Getting you the best value for your equipment. CMC has been able to sell our customers’ equipment for up to 45% more then at recent auctions.
  5. CMC does all the work for you.
  6. You have no exposure to getting less money than you agreed upon.
  7. You are in full control of the sale price of the machine. This is not an auction where you take the highest bid.

What does all of this service cost?

  2. Chicago Machinery Company is only compensated when we sell your machine. A commission of ten percent is charged upon sale of your machine, if it is sold for the pre-agreed price.
  3. If offers on your machine are made for less then the amount that has been agreed upon we will contact you. We will then go over the offer with you. We will work with you on a reduced commission if you choose to accept the offer.

For more information contact:
Joe Thoesen
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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